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Spa Riders MCC is based in Powys Mid-Wales.

Originally founded in 1989 the club disbanded for a while in the noughties but has re-formed with members old and new and a new enthusiasm.

Spa Riders MCC is a relaxed and informal club. Most members are Riders and most Riders ride a motorcycle, though a couple have trikes. We do not discriminate in terms of type of motorcycle, any owner of a 125cc, or bigger, machine is welcome to apply for membership and ride with the club. Nor do we discriminate in terms of gender, we have male and female Patched Rider members.

Spa Riders MCC also has a small number of Social members, of both sexes, who are Patched members of the club. Social members are equal in memberships status to Rider members, enjoying all the same rights and responsibilities as Rider members. All we ask is that all members have an interest in motorcycles and motorcycling, are willing to ride (either as a pilot or a pillion) and are committed to supporting the club and each other.

Any member may apply to become an Officer of the club at the yearly AGM or if a post becomes free. For details of club membership please click on the Constitution link above.

Spa Riders MCC organises runs for members, puts on social events and attends rallies and bike shows. We also organise fund raising events, particularly in support of the Welsh Air Ambulance and Blood Bikes Wales.

Spa Riders MCC is about bikes, buddies and having a good time.

For an explanation of our Club Patches and Officer structure click here.

For more information please use the on-line form available from the 'Contact us' link above.

Members - Log in to the Members Section, using the link above, to check out Events and other stuff. You'll need to have supplied an email address to one of the club officers in order to create a password, so if you haven't done so already do so as soon as you can.

There's also a Members only forum, called SLACK, which can be accessed by clicking here - you'll need to have supplied an email address for this too. If you haven't received an email invitation to join the SLACK channels use the contact form to ask for one.

Click to visit the MAG Website Amenti Design - Artwork and badges by a club member. Top quality work. Click to visit the Website Find us on Facebook





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