Club Patches and their Purpose

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The Spa Riders MCC Patch is the circular Club Insignia shown below:

Spa Riders MCC Club Insignia

The Club Insignia is the ONLY patch which denotes Membership of Spa Riders MCC and is an embroidered patch worn on a jacket or Cut-Off (Cut) by all members, whether Original, Rider or Social. The OLD Spa Riders MCC patch does NOT denote Membership. Printed versions of this patch (or the old version) do NOT denote Membership. Printed or embroidered versions of either patch on a hoody or t-shirt do NOT denote membership. Printed or embroidered versions of the patch are no longer used on t-shirt and hoody designs by the club.

The strip patch which simply read - Spa Riders MCC - is no longer a required patch, though members are free to wear such patches if they so desire.

Original Founder Members (members who formed the original club and who were members before any Club Insignia was designed) may wear two embroidered gold stars.

Original Members (members who were not founder members but who were members of the original Spa Riders MCC before it, briefly, disbanded) may wear a single embroidered gold star. No picture of the star is currently available.

Club Officers wear an embroidered Strip Patch with the name of the Officer position on it. Displayed is the President's patch.

Spa Riders MCC - Officer Patch (President)

Current Officer positions are: