What are Cookies?

Cookies are tiny files which hold information on a user's device (Computer, laptop, mobile phone, Tablet etc.) and are used for various reasons.

Cookies fall into four broad areas:

Functional cookies facilitate the operation of the Web site, they do not pass information back to the server and are never read by anything other than the Web pages themselves.

Performance Cookies enhance certain aspects of the Web site. They may pass information back to the server but only in order to add functionality to the Web site. Information is never passed to any server other than the server where the Web site resides.

Advertising Cookies (third party cookies) collect information for advertising purposes. This information is passed back to the server and shared with third parties through a number of other servers.

Tracking Cookies help advertisers, and other agencies, to track your movements from Web site to Web site.

The public area of this Web site uses no cookies at all.

The Members' area and the Officers' area of this Web site use Functional cookies to temporarilly store session details so that users don't have to log in on every page and so that the correct information, i.e. your own details, are displayed to you when you access it. Without them these areas could not function correctly. No other cookie types are used.





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